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Plant Sale

This year’s plant sale is back!

Profits from this sale go back to Student Accounts, which can help pay for Marching Band, and many other approved band expenses.

All orders are due Monday, April 6th

Check out the Gift Cards!  Profit from these is 20%!

Note – Delivery date is one day before Mother’s Day!  (Hint, Hint!)

Plant Sale order Form 2015


Marching Band Season is Here!

We are so excited for the season after having Hornline, Colorguard and Drumline all meet for rehearsals and sectionals this week!  As we get the season started, we wanted to get a few links out to everyone to help you get excited about the 2015 season of the Black and Gold!

-Here are the links if you would like to apply to be a “Parade Chaperone” or a “Seattle Trip Chaperone.”  If you are new to the program, we really hope you will consider applying for one of these roles, as it is a great way to get involved and learn more about the WMB!  Forms are Due by April 14th!


-Here is our Scholarship Application Link.  These are NEED based NOT academic based scholarships. We try to provide as much as we can without money being an obstacle. Please know though there is only acertain amount of money budgeted each year for scholarships.  This is due to the band office by April 1.  If you are just in need of a different payment plan to spread out the monthly payments, please fill out the form as well.  We are very accommodating with payment plans.


-Attendance policy and absence form. Family/Personal emergency or personal illness emergency are considered excused absences. Communication to the directors of any illness, death, or emergency ASAP is expected! Please do not send excuses/notes/communications with other members or parents of members or via text, this just adds to the confusion of an absence. Again students will be excused from their MB duties if this becomes an issue and will no longer be a part of our organization. If a student plans to be gone for a camp or rehearsal please fill out the absence form online two weeks prior to being absent.   Absence form:


Region 2AA East Solo Ensemble Results

Live results and rankings for solo and ensemble for Region 2AA

Numerical scores will can be found in director’s packet.

Live Results