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Updated Memorial Day Schedule (Rainy Day Plan)

Here is an updated schedule for today’s rainy Memorial Day.

If by chance the rain stops and the parade and outdoor ceremony is still held in Waconia, we will follow the original schedule.

7:00 am – Students arrive and begin getting in half uniform

7:30 am – Warm up in Performing Arts Center in half uniform

8:25 am – Load buses in Parade Block Order

8:40 am – Leave for St. Boni

9:00 am St. Boni Memorial Service

9:45 am – Load buses to return to Waconia HS or Bayview?

10:00 am – Unload and relax time at Bayview or Waconia HS

10:45 am – Load buses at HS to go to Bayview

11:00 am – Waconia Memorial Day Service at Bayview

12:00 pm – Load buses to return to WHS

12:10 pm – Arrive at WHS and Hang Uniforms APPROPRIATELY (ask a Rookie Advisor or Section Leader!!!!)

Memorial Day 2019 for the WMB!

We are looking forward to a great first set of performances this weekend for Memorial Day in St. Boni, Minnetrista, and Waconia.

Here is our timeline for Monday, May 27th

7:00 – 7:15am – Arrive at WHS and get dressed in half uniform.  Students MUST be here no later than 7:15am. Some students like to have a little extra time putting on the uniform for the first time.

7:30am – All students dressed and seated on busses.

7:40am – Depart for St. Boni.

7:55am – Arrive at St. Boni. Unload and set up for warm up.

8:10am – Warm up in park.

9:00 am – First Memorial Day performance in St. Boni Elementary School.

9:35 am – March to cemetery. We will leave a small group at the cemetery to play for the two short services. Everyone else will load buses and head to Waconia.

9:45 am – Load buses and depart for Waconia (except for select group staying at the cemetery).

10:45 am – Start of Waconia Memorial Day parade. Waconia Marching Band will line up near the Post Office parking lot.

11:00 am – Parade concludes at City Square Park.

11:05 am – Waconia Memorial day ceremony begins at City Square Park featuring Waconia Marching Band (in the event of rain, this moves to the Bayview Elementary School Gym).

12:00 pm – Memorial day ceremony concludes; marching band students load buses

12:20 pm – Arrive back to WHS; Students are dismissed when all uniforms and equipment has been put away properly.

We hope to see many of you this weekend.Start taking lots of pictures!

Links from the WMB Parent Meeting!

Here are the links from our Parent Meeting on Monday night! Please make sure you go through the presentations in their entirety as there is plenty of good information.

2019 Season Information

2019 Chaperone Training

Twins Ticket Order Form

WMB Apparel 2019 (including required student Dri-Fits and Tour T-shirts)