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Monday Monday Monday!


Gather your team for a fun team bonding event or simply take your family out to dinner and support the Waconia Band Program.


This coming Monday October 14th, if you bring this coupon into Buffalo Wild Wings in Chanhassen and have lunch or dinner, Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 10% of your check back to the Waconia Band Booster program. This event is the first in what could be a rotating fund raiser for any group in need of funds for their program. In order to make it successful, we need as many people to join the effort by simply eating at Buffalo Wild Wings that day.  With your support this month, the Band program succeeds. With the potential of the 600 plus band students and their parents along with as many other participating groups supporting your designated future date, your program succeeds. The possibility of relatively hands off fundraising is exciting to think about. All you have to do is eat…that’s my kind of fund raiser.


So join us on Monday, October 14th  for lunch or dinner. Present the attached ticket and help fund the best High School band in Minnesota!

The Waconia High School Band

Thanks for your help and enjoy the food!