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Lions Calendar Fundraiser – A wonderful way to raise some cash for upcoming band trips / instruments!

The Lions Raffle Calendar fund raiser is well underway and has made good progress.  There are still 144 calendars available so it is still not too late to participate!  As a reminder, the program is as follows:


  • ·         Calendars are purchased or sold for $25 each and there are over $20,000 in prizes in the raffle
  • ·         Your student receives up to a $10.25 credit in their account for each calendar purchased or sold

o   NOTE:  Final credit dollar amount per calendar is dependent upon total calendars sold

  • ·         Total credit applied to student accounts will be calculated and finalized in February


If you have questions or would simply like to get calendars and begin participating in the program, please contact me via either the e-mail address or phone numbers listed below.    In addition, a table will be set up before and after the November 10th band concert where calendars will be made available.


Please contact Joe Gifford for more information. –