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Updated Memorial Day Schedule (Rainy Day Plan)

Here is an updated schedule for today’s rainy Memorial Day.

If by chance the rain stops and the parade and outdoor ceremony is still held in Waconia, we will follow the original schedule.

7:00 am – Students arrive and begin getting in half uniform

7:30 am – Warm up in Performing Arts Center in half uniform

8:25 am – Load buses in Parade Block Order

8:40 am – Leave for St. Boni

9:00 am St. Boni Memorial Service

9:45 am – Load buses to return to Waconia HS or Bayview?

10:00 am – Unload and relax time at Bayview or Waconia HS

10:45 am – Load buses at HS to go to Bayview

11:00 am – Waconia Memorial Day Service at Bayview

12:00 pm – Load buses to return to WHS

12:10 pm – Arrive at WHS and Hang Uniforms APPROPRIATELY (ask a Rookie Advisor or Section Leader!!!!)